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Why is stuff banned in school?

Why are CD’s DVD’s and the like banned in schools? I mean, people who really want to bring something can get anything in, despite all the bag-checking as you enter and the random class checks.

What’s the big issue? I mean, in school, it’s just a piece of plastic for crying out loud! What harm could it do? Are there any teachers or principals reading this? If so, PLEASE, provide an answer. Is it just your duty to make our few years of fun as miserable as possible? Is there some separate bag search class in teacher training school or wherever? I can just imagine, “Get those pockets! Make sure you check the lunch!”… Is it and issue of national security? If so, pardon me because I didn’t know a cheese sandwich could cause genocide, or maybe it was the plague carried in the cologne spray.

Another thing : correction fluid, or commonly know as TippEx. What the hell? Why is this harmless article of great correctional value not allowed? Maybe they’re an endangered species… Or maybe it’s just a conspiracy by the Teachers Guild to take over the world and correctional fluid is their only weakness! Hah! See if I’m ever entering school without my trusty tipex in my sock again!

By the way, being the totally cool person I am, ;-), I can get practically anything into school, and being in the 13th grade really helps!


Bob the Builder : Expose!

How well do you think you know this icon of good construction and service?
He is the epitome of the friendly neighborhood builder.

He is,
Bob, The Builder.

But, in these latest paparazzi shots, it is seen that the idol has fallen, and has aquired many vices.

Reports claim that he was once spotted smoking weed at the “Red Lion” Pub in central London.
What is this world coming to?

Action! Adventure! and.. um.. Tech…

Has anyone read “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Carrol? Well, Here’s my version –

Or on hunting the net for viruses

‘Twas Idle, with ninety nine percent
Of the processor going bit less
All blank were the memories
With protection applied.

“Beware the Bots, My son!
The code that duplicates, the keywords untrue!
Beware the page that fakes, and shun
The spammers that prowl!”

He took his app in memory;
Long time the IP’s he searched-
So rested he by a ‘nothers home page
And he built him an update.

And, as in execution he stood,
The malicious code, with bytes of disdain,
Loaded itself onto his own page,
And tempted as it loaded!

Zero! One! Zero! One! The packets exchanged
The app went beep-beep!
He left it quarantined, and with its source,
He went requesting back.

“And hast thou stopped the spread?
Come to my arms, my binary boy!
O Gigabyte day! TCP be praised!”
He compiled his joy.

‘Twas Idle, with ninety nine percent
Of the processor going bit less
All blank were the memories
With protection applied.

Gerald Pereira
Well, what do YOU think?

Spy Vs. Spy

Just this weekend I was playing around with my friends camera, a Finepix S5600, And was pretty damn surprised by how effective it’s zoom was. I mean, I could actually do that thing Veronica Mars does every monday! Take pictures of people without them knowing! (Yes. I tried it)

That made me wonder, What if someone is taking pictures of ME in the street? I’m sure my dashing looks and sexy walk draws camera lenses like lawyers to a colony of celebrities. 😉
. Anyway, Does this mean the REAL end of privacy? Will we all have to dress up like muslim women? Oh my god! Those things really make my midriff look bigger!

But, besides all that, Cameras are really cool nowadays. Not the regular point and shoot kind, but prosumer models…… Must add one to my wishlist.


I’m a funophile!

Greetings my fellow Islanders!

I’m looking at my monitor wondering how to start. There’s the start button, The time in the corner, The WinAmp icon, The uTorrent icon saying “Download Finished : ‘[isoHunt]Jesica Alba Vs. Evangeline Lily Mud Wrestling Video’“… Oops… Well, here we go!

Here’s my first post! And what better to fill it with than a commentary on me? I am the_jester. I’ve wreaked havok on this earth for 17 years. No, not seventeen. “I am seventeen going on eighteen…“. Anyway, I still enjoy the joys of school, and most of my content will be from there. I am a funophile. Or in layman’s terms, a funlover. Or fun abuser… I’m not sure.

I read. A lot. I will read the washing instructions off my T-Shirt if I am left with nothing else. I also do…. things… on my computer. Everything from 3D modelling to video editing to programming. Music too. From Linkin Park to Breaking Benjamin to Sarah Brightman. Diverse tastes. But, like most people I like just hanging out with my friends too. Something I believe I won’t be able to do too often in the near future.

Well, I hope my commentary on the life of a school kid who is “So cool he makes you look uncool ®”, will keep you entertained. hehehe….

This weeks question! :- Can you spot any mistakes in my spelling or grammar, and do I really need to care?
Ciao! See you all next Sunday!

P.S. – For all those who were foaming at the mouth while excitedly typing in, there is no Alba vs. Lily video… dolts… ;-).And for any of my friends who are reading this, comment on this page. PLEASE don’t come to school and go “Ado! That was so lame my granny can do a better write up!”.