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Cutting trees is bad for your health!

Anyone have any Idea what that image is? Just another C4D render when I was supposed to be studying. By the way, have any of you tried cutting trees with axes? I mean dry ones which are on the ground after they fall down.
“Jerry!!! Phone Call!”. Mumbling. “Yeah…..cmn..”. Dragging Footsteps. Misses a step. Groan. Gets up. Painfully. Painstakingly drags himself toward the phone.

Fifteen minutes ago –
I was engulfed in the world of Crisis Four (Andy McNab) and Nick Stone’s work when I hear my sister. “Snake! Theres a snake in my room!”. Just my luck. Come home from school and finish eating etc. and here comes a stupid snake to spoil my siesta. I stand my ground. Approximately thirty seconds later, my mother comes down and says “Jerry!” With all the guilt she can roll into one word. So I get a broom, And drag myself upstairs to do battle with the Reptilian.
No Snake. My sister says it went out through the gap between the roof and the wall. No idea how it got that high in the first place.
So I walk downstairs again. Stupid flying…bird…snake…. fnake, or snird or whatever.
Sit down again. “As I moved away from the TV set, a loud ping! sent my heart leaping into my throat. I spun my head and…”
“Jerry! We have to move the fallen tree from the side of the wall”. Stupid falling trees…frees… tallings…..
Walk down to the gate. Look at the log. Try to pull it. Kick it. Won’t budge. Not even a smidgen of movement. “We’ll have to cut it. I’ll get the axe”. Great. Now, this is the action that brought me to my curent state. I think, Piece of cake. Get the axe.
First Blow.
My back starts paining.
Second Blow.
Weird feeling of exhaustion.
Successive Blows.
Axe gets harder to control and I start sweating litres.
By the time I cut it enough to break it in two, I had lost about 95% of my energy. Plus I had aquired many blisters on my hands, thanks to the stupid axe handle. Then I manage to stumble back into the house, up the stairs into the shower, and it’s a battle to take my t-shirt off! I use both hands to turn the shower on, and I find it’s hard to bend my elbows.

Present –

Why this happened I have no idea whatsoever. Maybe it’s the combination of my scone and chocolate breakfast and sitting the whole day thanks to the exams? I mean, I still can’t use my fingers properly! And I used to play rugger! There has to be some medical cause!
EDIT – I was later told by my all knowing brother that it was probably because I was inactive all day and suddenly did it. Without any stretching or anything. Yeah yeah, Who stretches before cutting down a tree…


Red Team vs. Blue Team

That’s pretty much what a student thinks when he’s in school. The administration is the “other” side. It’s like playing Unreal Tournament in a more “scholarly” way. Though school would be a lot more exciting if I had a Redeemer in my bag…

Anyway, this is just a general post on the situation in school at the moment, now that the commander in chief, better known as the Rector, or Fuzzy, is gone. He’s in Poland. Or South Africa. Can’t remember which. With him around school, It was nearly impossible to get out of class in the first four periods, because he had this weird power of appearing all over the place. I experienced this first back in grade 12. I came down the stairs, and just managed to catch a glimpse of him walking my way, so I raced back up the stairs, Stealthily manouvered through a Hall full of chairs and things, went through a couple of doors in a fashion Sam Fisher would be proud of, and came down yet another flight of stairs.

To bounce right into the Fuzz.

A few periods of kneeling later, and a few months of honing our skills, we can now successfully get a total of 20 feet from our classroom. But now, our watcher is gone! Student’s roam about freely through all periods, not just the last four!

But anyway, it kind of seems strange now that we hava all this… freedom. Theres no challenge in it anymore. And you really need that Adrenalin pumping to really perform…

In other News, I am now officially a person who “studies”.

And, since I am a selfish and materialistic person, I will be adding Google Ads to my Blog. Click on them. Or Else!


The iMadness!

First of all, all you people with the “I ♥ my i[insert name of pointless overhyped apple “product” here]” bumper stickers can just move on and go read another post, or go back to polishing Steve Jobs’ shoes.

I had a disagreement with a friend the other day, about the iPod. He said

“Everyone knows the iPod is the best Mp3 player out there”

Now, before I pick apart this sentence and show how tragically wrong that is, Let me just ask, “Who is this ‘Everyone’ ? ” Is it the masses of unemployed fools in the Apple commercials that always seem to try and make fun of Microsoft? If so, go eat some more iCrap because they are probably the most pointless bunch of characters I’ve come across. Apparently, anyone who has an iPod is

a) Trendy
b) Cool
c) “Hip”

But in truth, if you analyse the commercials, they are

1) Unemployed
2) Artists who lie about all day listening to music
3) or 1 & 2

YOU ARE NOT COOL BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN iPOD. It is most probably the best testement to the number of stupid people on the planet. It’s just a music player for chrissakes! Doesn’t even have most of the features the other players have. But yet, there are hordes of the iPeople who think Apple invented the whole damn technology! I am ashamed to say, even in my place of work(well, school).

Look at their name, “Apple”. Codeword for “Simpleton”? I am increasingly starting to think so after they released the iPhone(OMG!! What n original name!), in which you don’t even have access to a basic file manager. And being the simple geniusus they are, they forgot the video recording function too. Yeah. Everyone says video is going to be the next major surge in the interenet after music, and here they go getting rid of the feature on their phone.
For an even more awesome review of the iPhone, visit The Best Page in the Universe:The iPhone

Yeah Apple, “Think Different”. Sure has worked for the iMac.

And now, for the “Best player” thing. Has anyone of those Mac zealots ever even been to a “technology” site before? Of course not. Tech is for geeks. Whats inside our players is the magic harvested by Apple in their iPod farms in the Far East. Or even heard music from a different player? It may be hard, but come on, crawl out of Steve Jobs’ ass for a second and come see if the air smells better in the outside world!

In short, iPodlovers(No, that wasn’t a typo. If boylovers doesn’t need a space, I don’t see why this does.) can just shut up and get back under the rock they’ve been living under for the last gazillion years. Your player sucks, and the people who make your player suck. Live with it. Or, redeem yourself and get away from the herd of lame sheep and buy yourself a proper player and phone!


Astrology : Myth?

Disclaimer : I know this is a sensitive subject to many people, but this is just something I’ve observed. So if you think I’m wrong, just comment on it. DON’T send over a white van…
Also, by flaming me, you agree to give me exclusive rights to your house, car, assets AND your life. So, before you flame, think. Think deep. Consult your horoscope maybe.

So, here goes :
Why do people make decisions based on astrology? Is it a proven science? Have they ever been proved? I mean, how can an entire career be built around predicting the future based on how a floating rock or a clump of gas, thousands of light years away, moves?

Okay, I did some research, and apperently it’s been around for a while( well, duh! ). The greeks got all the signs in the sky, but can’t you or I find pretty much any pattern we want in the sky?
Also, this business of making financial decisions, births, and even shaving times based on “nakath”. WHY? So if anything goes wrong, is it “Damn you [insert name of random celestial object]!!!” ? People who do that pretty well deserve what they have coming!

And don’t tell me it’s just an ancient facet of Sri Lankan civilization only believed in by the rural peoples now. A guy I know in my school was made to have his first shave on a certain day at a certain time. Yeah. And how exactly does that help? Maybe the position of Venus at that moment makes his hairs stick out at an angle, thus making the first shave more pleasant. Okay, It would have been fine if you’re a virgin about to be de-flowered, but shaving? Come on People!


V for Vendetta! Oh, and the Silver Surfer too

This movie is awesome! It is every persons dream to be part of something like that! I mean, It was so bloody awesome! Words cannot describe my joy/exhilaration/excitement at seeing this movie!
Best movie I’ve seen this Year! Maybe even last year too.

Anyway, In other news, my brother’s blog( seems to be more…. humorous than mine… So now i’m left with having to actually THINK up stuff to write.

Also, The Fantastic 4 are just corny. I mean, could they BE any more comic book like? It’s like they’re reading the script off the newest comic book to hit the stands. It’s so corny you could make popcorn with the DVD! Or so corny as to make some sense out of that last sentence. What I’d like to see is a movie abou the Silver Surfer. Man, This guy is cool! It could be called “The Silver Surfer : And the corny bunch of freaks“. This is just my view, so if you like Fantastic four : RotSS (See, even the abrevation spells “rot” ) , Go see if your butts got “4” stamped on it.


The Battle of the Saints!

The rugger match of the century is upon us!

Who do you think will win? Of course, St. Joseph’s is the superior team, but who knows if the cunning Peterites will conjure up some witchcraft? (Don’t flame me! That was not serious!)

Wait, Why am I HERE typing this post when I should be at the MATCH?

Ta Tah!


It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

Yes! They are alive! Here are a couple of renders on Cinema 4D and some Photoshopped images, created by yours truly. They’re a random pick from the bunch on my desktop.

What better to open a post with than an oil lamp? Anyway, It’s low poly because it was originally meant to be rendered from far away, as part of a whole room. But the chrome on the base just looked too good to be ignored!

Some truly cruel photoshopping… Why cruel? It’s the Elder’s Home next to our school, which can be conveniently photographed from our class. The fire on top looks a little….. funky, to say the least.

Can someone think of some better text for this thing? The render just looked too nice to be empty, so I just put the text…

I love This! My current wallpaper. Does this mean I’m yearning for my childhood playthings?

For all you Radeon card users out there! (Will I get sued for using their trademark?)

A dispenser of some sort…. Don’t Know what. Yet…

My first Car!!!!

My first Car 2…Ignore the purple thing in the background.

The lamp… No comment.