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Is the new year usually not ushered in with much merry making or at least some special ceremony with friends and family?

Some people go out to parties. Though it being a weekday might stifle the crowd a bit. Some others stay at home with family. Some prefer to spend a quiet evening with their friends.

I celebrate by ordering pizza at work. Yeah, I know. I rock. 😦

Half of it even got cold because some woman came in looking for a bit of paper which had to be printed. By me.

I’d be very depressed if she hadn’t been attractive.

Whoops. There I go again with the “All men are perverts” thing.


Oh Merriness, why must you evade me so this season?


It’s the 31st!

And I’m at work.

The first should always fall on a weekend. Now it’s going to flash by just like this Christmas did. This year’s Christmas was a total bore. The only difference was that there was a lot more to eat. But other than that, it felt just like any other day. I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be something about a dude being born in a crib somewhere, and I think MTV is involved. And three dudes who were rich. Or kings. They gave the newborn some valuables so they could evade the IRS. Or something. I’m pretty sure none of that happened last week.

Anyway, Happy New Year all!


Also, read this by Jack Point. Makes you think about all those reports you hear in the news, like “Minor explosion in Jerusalem, one flower pot knocked over and two dogs scared. 300 palestinians die in retaliatory missile attacks.”


Using Google Reader

I’m extra bored today, so here goes.

Many of you read many blogs. Many of you also keep bookmarking your favourites, and some of you still type in the address of whatever blog you want to visit.

I introduce to thee, Google Reader!
Well not ‘I’, but.. them. Anyway, since any who don’t know about google reader don’t know about RSS readers, here’s a brief explanation.

An RSS reader, or a feed reader, lets you view the content from all your favourite blogs/sites all in one place. You merely provide the link to your URL of interest once and it will keep updating automatically. Each time there is new content on a listed site, it will report back to your feed reader.

Pics are below.
1) Click here to add a link. This can be a blog address or even a blog name. If you enter a blog name, it will throw up a search results page and you can select which feed to subscribe to. Provide a URL (eg : and it will automatically find the RSS feed from it and add the site, in the example, my blog.

2) This is a list of your subscriptions. Click on one of your subscribed links to see what content has been posted. If you subscribed to my blog, all my posts would be listed when you click on my blog name.

3) This is the content thingy. All the posts from the feed you have chosen are listed here. Click on a title to get the full post. To go to the blog or site, click on the little circle with two arrows in it.

4) This is what a post looks like, in Reader.

-click for large size

Hopefully this will help anyone who has to laboriously click through long lists to see if any new posts have been made.

Happy feedreading!



…play Mass Effect for six hours at a stretch and step outside the next day. Your eyes will be so liberal with the tears they’ll be marching for gay rights.

My thumb smells like woman’s perfume…


The new year is a knockin’

So 2009 is at our doorstep. Actually, in our doorway and asking to be let in. So this year has been weird. And to sum it up, I’m going to pour out the contents of my “Notes” folder on my phone. It’s not really a summary of my actions per se, but more like what was going through my head. Most of them make no sense as single sentences, but are the essence of an idea. I’ll expand them so that they can be read.

I’ll ignore the fact that most of it was written in the last three months. Also the fact that this is going to be by far my most disjointed post.

– Losing your glasses is like living in a dream. It’s all literally just a blur for a while. Thankfully I’m not too handicapped by it. After a while I got used to it.

– As technology progresses, we go from smart people in front of dumb terminals to dumb people in front of smart terminals.

– Master Chief is only a letter away from Master Chef. Halo anyone?

– KFC! The only thing missing is U!

– If I were stuck on some deserted island for eternity, I would make a girl out of coconuts. Even though it is highly likely she’ll want to be ‘just friends’.

– Everyone needs goals. Even if they’re goals such as “I’m gonna eat that ice cream if it kills me”.

– People who go “people suck/change/’shouldn’t be trusted'” suck. People means you too. Besides, acting like every person you meet is an axe murderer is just lame. I usually ask people and they say no, they haven’t murdered any axes recently. But I guess it would bode well for me only if I was an axe. All that from the note “emo, axe murderer”.

– And then there’s this note for which I can’t remember the explanation. “Making things is progress, boring. Life withoutu conflict is teh goal”. I dunno. Maybe I tend to go all existential on my phone’s ass when I’m half asleep.

Well, there.




*Slight tilt of head

*Handshake and/or hug

*”Merry Christmas”



Merry Christmas + Wallpaper!

Whoa! It’s Christmas! And this is my *fifth* Christmas post! What with all this stuff supposedly going on in my life you’d think I have better things to do than post on a blog all week. What is this “work” thing I’ve gotten myself into, you ask? I seem to be spending all my time with it you say? It’s starting to sound like some weird cult? 😮 What? What have my parents go to say about my dedicating so much to this “work” thing?

Well anyway, since I won’t be posting again this season, Merry Christmas to everyone! Here’s a chrismassy wallpaper(1440×900), in case you get a toilet brush or something in your stocking.

Full size –