Weekend Wars

I am now nursing two cut wounds and a sprained toe. How did I get to be in this state? I shall explain.

Yesterday we went over to the beach. It was overcast and a hint of drizzle was present. The ball would be less visible and possibly slippery. So we christened it “great weather for some tap”. Males.

While we were sitting at a table enjoying making mom jokes at papareboy’s tremendous expense, two boys aged around 12 or 13 showed up and asked us to come play a game of tap with them. Thought process –

  1. They were small, and easily beat.
  2. But that wouldn’t reflect too well on us.
  3. Maybe we could send a few from our side to theirs.
  4. Then again only fallen, chinch and me knew how to play, and only I had actually played rugger before.
  5. Meh, let’s go see what happens. If it all goes to hell at least we can dump papareboy in the sea.

So we went. Giblet was put aside as the opposing team had their own ball. It was worn. Signs of frequent use. We should have paid heed. Then the rest of their team steps up and it looked like half the line players from a first fifteen team had stepped out. Hopes were dashed to the ground. The ground was of sand so we had to trample to hopes as well.

While giblet was busy cuddling up to Hijinx, and sabby was being all posh and lounging on a chair sipping mango juice, the game started.

After a few tries, whacko and realskullzero showed up and replaced papareboy and fallen. We managed to slow the rate of scoring to about one try every five minutes after that. After much cussing under our breaths and challenging them to a game of blogging(seeing who gets the most hits on a post), we finally escaped from the game.

And dumped papareboy in the ocean.

Saturday was filled with hotdogs I didn’t get to eat, mediocre gigantic muffins and Eatmore restaurant. We also went to lanny’s afterwords, because we like to travel to places far from home and goof off. Monsters vs Aliens was in there somewhere too, but I’d watched it earlier so it wasn’t that exciting. The only exciting bit was @stfallen being alone. In a movie theater full of people.

We never did try the Brain Masala.

Friday was pool night. We went, we saw, we managed to pool enough together to play. This was also the day we discovered the Eatmore restaurant. Near the Palace Hotel or something in bambalapitiya junction. It’s about twenty meters from the mosque.

They have nice fried rice and chapattis with chicken inside.

Back to pool, my beginner’s luck had run out and it was fallen’s turn to excel at handling sticks. We also played foosball, using which we deduced that papareboy was the worst indoor game player of the lot.

This post is sounding strange when read back, so I shall stop here and leave you vultures to ignore it.

See ya at the next post.


11 Responses to “Weekend Wars”

  1. 1 Chavie
    August 17, 2009 at 12:53 pm

    you played rugger at school? :O 🙂

    and I meant to ask you, how come you didn’t make it for hotdogs? 😕

  2. 5 Delilah
    August 17, 2009 at 3:08 pm

    pffft. waaaaaaaaanted to come 😦

  3. August 17, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    I see you’ve left out the part where I put sand in your ass. -_-

  4. 10 sabbyaz
    August 17, 2009 at 9:41 pm

    Why doesn’t this post include a picture of a certain Fallen person humping a mannequin?!

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