Blood & Dust – II

Continued from here – http://thewhacksterslair.blogspot.com/2009/10/chapter-one-blood-and-dust.html

He ripped his left arm free. And he plunged the dagger into the shadowy black shape eating into him.

Quickly the dagger turned to liquid and shot into his opponent’s body. Inside, it headed straight for the rapidly beating heart. Necroprofanity shuddered. The metallic liquid engulfed the creature’s heart, then contracted. Jamiraquai looked into his enemy’s eyes. They were staring dead ahead, unseeing.

The music had by now died down to a slow thumping noise playing in the background. He pushed Necroprofanity’s body off him and stood up. The wounds were already starting to heal as walked over to the lone bush in the playground, a dry collection of berry trees. He dove behind it and shooed the orchestra of tiny creatures away. They burrowed into the ground and the music stopped. Damn annoying parasites.

He wished he could go back to normal life. But one must be careful with wishes. They had learned the hard way. To twelve year old Jamiraquai it was almost too much to handle. He could remember when there were old people. When they had existed he constantly wished they didn’t. Now, a year later, the world was a mess full of childhood nightmares and the oldest person on the planet was sixteen years old.

They say he was the one who caused all of this. Rumor was that he had wished it, and it had happened. Now he just couldn’t wish it all back the way it was. That was why Jamiraquai had to get to him before anyone else. Bob, the sixteen year old was said to be hiding out inside a record store in what was once called Times Square. Now they call it the Place Where Lots Of Toys Are. Apparently he’s holed himself in there and spends his days listening to My Chemical Romance albums.

Jamiraquai reached into his pocket and felt the small book in there. It was a pocket dictionary. Inside it, someone had written a few verses using a pen. That meant it was probably an adult who wrote it. Must have happened when they first started disappearing. Jamiraquai’s friend, a fifteen year old named L33TH4xor, had given it to him on his death bed, and told him it was the key to returning things back to normal.

But now Jamiraquai wondered, was it worth it? Right now he was in a little town made completely of wooden houses and a bar, just like the old west, sand everywhere and even tumbleweed. A little boy’s fantasy. He could do anything he wanted. No grown ups. Was it worth changing?


Hopefully someone will continue…


3 Responses to “Blood & Dust – II”

  1. October 20, 2009 at 7:16 pm

    Very Halloween-ish!
    Someone continue…

  2. October 20, 2009 at 10:24 pm

    oh maaaaaan!!! Second Kill Trip!!!! NICE@!!

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