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Working Late Is Like Being Drunk

Well not really, but anyway,

People tell me I’ve been neglecting this blog. Oh yes, there have been many occasions where I was _mobbed_ by fans on the street asking me to post about my encounters with nuts. Every day, I trash hundreds of comments asking me to post. Hundreds. Granted 80% of these seem to originate from here, but I digress.

So I have decided to go back to my old model of posting whatever comes to my mind in short, more frequent posts instead of taking pains over what to write and putting up pages-long meh posts.

So anyway, the biggest reason I take so long to post is because of work. Just last week I was at office till the wee hours of the morning. This did lead to some hilarity the next day though, when I finally got a healthy 12 hours of sleep. I was woken up by my mom at 2pm, to see if I was drunk. Thoroughly disgruntled that my mom thinks I can’t handle my drink, and sweating like a pedo in a playground due to my room being hot as a MacBook Pro running Crisis in the afternoon, I decided to show her just how un-drunk I was.

Much to my despair, trying appear ultra-sober is a task fit for a quadriplegic. I stumbled out of bed and sleepily chased my rubber slippers all around my room trying to get them on my feet. Then I proceeded to brush my teeth with the gusto of an old man who has none to brush to begin with. All this while my mom watched, disapprovingly. She couldn’t have been more disapproving if I had just peed in the sink while singing “Hit me baby one more time”. And so on went the rest of my day, filled with me trying to act completely drink free and her telling people “Apparently he was working late”, layered so thick with sarcasm I could walk on it. And then slowly sink into it in a quicksand-esque motion.

So yeah, see ya’ll in a couple days.



Some Thoughts, and Cricket

I come home each day, walk in the door, head through the living room and stick my wallet and Walkman in what is essentially the liquor cabinet. I just realized that this is a little strange.

Anyway, I was watching V for Vendetta again yesterday and I noticed some stuff. Being the blatant misogynist I am I just have to comment on that scene where Evey walks out into the rain in that “God is in the rain” moment.

It’s supposed to be the best scene in the movie. V, the male, comes into being by walking through a fire and then roaring like a lion with its tail caught in an escalator. Evey, the female, gets her moment some time later in the movie, and comes out by walking out into the rain and crying into it. The rain tries to add a little pizazz to the scene by throwing a few thunderbolts around, but she just kinda laugh-cries to rub it in.

Now for the cricket part.

Cricket is a strange beast. Like a platypus. I used to watch matches occasionally, but I haven’t managed to catch a single T20 from the current tourney. I just do not miss it enough. Not that I used to watch platipii too or anything. Cricket, like many other games, can unify people. Unfortunately this unification is pretty much a farce since they just unify so that hurling hatred at the other team is easier. For some reason India seems to stir up quite a lot of “dirty indian” sentiment. All I can say is, I take frequent baths. Sri Lankans I’ve run into generally fall into two categories regarding this; those who vehemently hate Indians come cricket season and those who secretly praise Indians.

Honestly, it’s scary. We brag about how many tamil friends we have and how great we are at ignoring that instinctive “noticing” of someone’s race when we see them. But play a match with them and it’s all “oh no buddy, we didn’t agree to any of this shit. Go crawl back into that cesspit you call a country, fiends!”

Is _that_ what you call well adjusted? Everyone complains about how racist everybody else is, about the government, about me posting less frequently and about SLT taking aeons to connect up my ADSL. Isn’t it written down somewhere that you have to improve yourself before taking issue with everyone else?

And on that note, Beyond Borders is doing another Forum Theater on, surprise surprise, racism. It’s called Elected, and the cast is quite liberal with capitalization. You should come. I’ll be there with a pen, to autograph anything you might bring along. Like your face. I do not have a thing for seeing my name everywhere.

Anyway, go here for details and come back here to comment on how nice the page looks. Ignore the cramped bottom right bit, that lot was pushed in at the last minute :