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The Muslim Dude Thing

You live in Sri Lanka don’t you? No? Well then, greetings to you, foreign devil. Let me tell you a story. A tragic story of a young man who was left to fend for himself for a month. This gent was just told that he would be left to his own devices for yet another month or so. This news has driven that resourceful yet lazy being to near insanity and, among other things, occasionally referring to himself in the third person.

Yeah, it’s a short story. Now for the rest of the Sri Lanka related post.

Apart from my imminent death, to be caused by liberal application of ingredients to my “cooking”, something else I’ve been meaning to jot down is the impression that most Muslim males in Colombo are sleazy. I don’t have much first hand experience of this, but a lot of people I know seem to think Muslims are a bunch of ravenous sex-starved predators just waiting to pounce on the next bit of metaphorical steak that comes their way.

Now I know at least one of you fits the description of a Muslim male, and I’m okay with the surely slight chance that you’re going to get offended. What with the whole of the western world seeing you through suicide-vest tinted glasses, a gaggle of gossipy twenty-somethings are the least of our worries right now. As they say, don’t shoot the messenger. Or the blogger.

In a survey conducted recently which involved me trying to recall the number of people who supported this theory, it was found that even a lot of Muslim females think that out of the males who approach them, the ones who happen to be Muslim are usually ranked higher in the great big sleaze-o-meter in the sky. Other findings included the surprise that some of the Muslim females I know get hit on.

Why is this? I simply find it hard to fathom that anyone would get past the facade of of a vicious velociraptor with a taste for Sri Lankan Male and actually make advances at them. Perhaps less significantly, where is this impression of Muslim men being sleazy coming from? Is there any truth to it? How can one quantify such a thing? What relation does your religion have to do with how sleazy you are? Am I going to get flamed for this post? Is Halik really all that sleazy?

All these questions and more, might be answered in the comments section below. I hope.