A Time Capsule of Sorts

I’m going to take someone’s advice and just write.

I haven’t been putting much effort into this little journal of sorts lately, and I have a feeling my 60, 70 or (hopefully) 80 year old self would really appreciate hearing about my exploits back when I was young, spry, not an internationally renowned figure and slightly more dashing. To you, sir, I write this post.

Hello. How are you doing? I’m great, as you might remember(I hope you don’t have Alzheimer’s). Since there’s not much you can gain from me telling you things which happen in the past, I’m just going to ramble at you for a bit. Maybe if you have time machines in your time, you’ll come back and tell me things. What say about five seconds from now?






Nothing? Fine. Be that way. Or maybe you just have Alzheimer’s and can’t figure out how to work the thing. Maybe you’re an outlaw getting by on just your wits, good looks and walking stick, so don’t have access to a time-machine right now. Dammit. All I wanted to know was whether I should learn to cook, or if women will be obsolete in the future when people finally invent instant food pills(Just add water!). A few other things too, but you get the gist.

I hope you’re still more or less the same. Sans the undesirable bits, of course. I quite like myself the way I am. Most importantly, have you figured out a way to grow facial hair without looking like a hobo or some kind of degenerate who just broke out of a prison with a bad barber? Perhaps even more importantly, by just a bit, I hope you still feed your inner child and haven’t confined him to a slow, painful death. I hope you’re still fun. Look. Are you smiling?

Since you already know everything I know, and everything I’ll ever find out, there’s really not much more to say. May this post find you in good health and embroiled in few lawsuits. Have a nice day!

P.S – I pray that wordpress won’t close down between now and then. Or maybe they’ll move it to something else.
P.P.S – Will I ever figure out poetry?

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