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Dear Dialog,

You’re not that bad to your customers. Most of the time. Even when some of them are too lazy to write blog posts in the form of letters.

Now that I’m rid of that tedious literary device,

Over a month ago, I got a phone call from someone who claimed to be from Dialog, and asked me for some personal details like my NIC, claiming that I’d been selected as a “priority customer” and that I needed to “confirm my identity”. I’ve received too many emails from Nigerian princes to be completely trusting of such things, so I asked what being a priority customer entails, and why they would need to confirm my identity since it’s my phone line in the first place. The rep asked me if I could speak in sinhalese instead. Hey, I’m not the one who started the conversation in english. And then blabbed some vague spiel about “special offers” for phone accessories and things.

At this point I’m wondering why someone would want to scam my details off me. After a few more minutes of the rep sputtering and stumbling through what seemed like a failed script, I hung up.

I contacted dialog’s regular customer support and asked them if they knew of the number I’d been called from and if I’d actually been put on some loyalty card list. I was told yes, that was a legit call and I’m an asshole for making some apparently 14 year old socially inept girl working a miserable desk job all teary-eyed. Well they didn’t actually say the latter bit but I’m sure¬†someone was thinking it.

Afterwards, I decided to write a scathing blogpost about Dialog and how their customer service agents come off as identity thieves. But then I got lazy and I stomped on the metaphorical fingers of my blog holding onto the cliff edge of activity over the abyss of lifelessness.

Then a few days ago I get a message saying I’ve been upgraded to a special credit category or something,¬†as per the written confirmation. What confirmation? Did you skywrite it on the bright skies over Kadawatha for me to gaze upon leisurely as I brushed my teeth one fine morning? I’m yet to receive any letter saying I can now get into more debt than usual with my telco, as of five days from the date of the message.

IDK, Dialog, what’s up with the shady service?