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Christmas & Club-Noir

First of all, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you find the time to reflect on things in the middle of your wasteful frenzy of purchasing. If you did, good going 🙂

The end of the year brings many things to many people. Presents, Resolutions, New Beginnings, Hope, Good Cheer and a lot of other things, like Herpes, being foremost on the list of things people get, whether they want it or not. One thing everyone gets around to eventually is parties. Well, most people. My social networking inbox was inundated by notices of parties ranging from beaches to back yards and it has been the highlight of my day today gleefully individually deleting them.

I’m not that big on clubbing. Let me rephrase; I would rather have my legs run over by a herd of hippos and then stand on the footboard of a local bus, than go dance at some party. Back when I was in school it was the “in-thing” to go clubbing and we were giddy as little boys clutching t-rexes under the Christmas tree when we found a place that would let us in. Now that I’m significantly older and smarte- After spending many nights with the following scene playing itself out, I kinda grew out of it.

We stepped into the establishment. People called it a night club, but I call it trouble. Losing sight of my companions in the crowd, I head to the bar. The surface looks old, it’s seen its share of skinny teenagers slamming their fists down on it, droplets of their hair product slowly arching towards the bartender with his back turned towards them as they nod their heads to music that would make a mob-boss scowl. Unthinkingly, I bring my glass to my maw, and take a sip. It feels like I was hit in the gut by a baseball bat. Like ol’ Billy had me tied to a chair and was trying to get a girl’s number outta me.

After a while I make my way to the dance floor, just drunk enough to not care. Thirty minutes later I’m left wondering if I should have just stayed home. Home was bed. It wasn’t a good bed, but it was better than my bones feeling like it was hit by the 9:15 to Chicago. I tipped my hat at the rest, and stepped out into the alley. The stones crunched under my feet like the teeth of a loan shark’s ex-customer. I lit my cigar. It started raining. The city fell into gloom once more.

It’s just that I really suck at dancing. Dancing creepily by myself in my room with music playing in my head is fine, I like Just Dance(Gaga) as much as the next guy, but on a dance floor, it’s a battle between my brain and my limbs. I mean, I can stay relatively vertical while standing in a bus that’s seemingly been driven by an Epileptic wearing a disco light ball for a helmet but on the floor, my body decides to make like a Possum and play dead. It would help if there were a least a few members of the opposite sex who were even remotely the same age. Online polls indicate that 90% of teen girls sneak into clubs. The other 10% are actually girls methinks*.

Sometimes I go along with people anyway. I give in to peer pressure easily like that, and just do my own thing and hope people aren’t running away screaming in two minutes. If they aren’t, rejoice, for the rest of the people on the floor are just as bad. I’m still not sure what this 31st will bring, maybe I can escape to some hill in Badulla and watch the sunrise with Now We Are Free playing in my ears. I don’t know.

*statistics pulled out of that place where most people tour their stats from.


Do I Write or do I Write?

In an ideal world, that title would have emphasis in the right place. Sadly, I will have to keep eying those words up there warily while willing italics into existence.

So, do I write or do I Write? This was the terrible question tearing away at my mind last Saturday eve. Do I just write in the sense that people write grocery lists and ransom notes, or do I actually “write” write, in the way that people who do it for a living do?

This bout of more thought than I like being put into something inconsequential was brought on by a TNL Radio… dude, asking me if I can’t write, whether I failed my English, and if I suck at writing when I was less than enthusiastic about filling out a form that was being distributed at the lobby at Majestic City on Saturday night. I’m sure that experiment in “Aggressive Marketing” has a bright future in public relations.

In other news, Christmas is coming again. I’m starting to dread it because I will be broke by then and won’t be able to bribe Santa into throwing a few presents this way. I don’t even feel like jotting down my usual Christmastime post or even the whiny post about how it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Troubling times, these are. My parents think I’m crazy because I sit in front of the computer laughing at it. Then I switch it on and come here to write down a post and link to it on twitter. It’s so cold out that I grew a beard to combat it, but shaved it off when I started feeling chain-mail on my chin whenever I rested it on my pillow. To top it off I’m not getting tagged in any Christmas pics on Facebook. If it weren’t for the Penguins of Madagascar life would be quite dull these days.



Recently watched “Who Turned the Lights Off?”, another FT from BeyondBorders in association with the Roteract Club of… Some place. It was pretty great. They might perform it again so keep your eyes open of you missed it. Even better than the play was a certain Mr. Kotalawela dancing to…

wait for itt…

Justin Beiber

when we went out after the play. I apologize for not taking pictures.


A Christmas Tale

It’s Christmas again, and I am forced to crawl back from my blogging hiatus, imposed partly by limited access to the internet and partly by general laziness.

This year’s Christmas looks to be the tamest in quite a while for me. There’s just more cake than the rest of the year floating around.

Christmas, as the years passed

I can’t even write a proper post. That’s how bad this season is. I just can’t think of anything. It’s as if some weird parasite has been sucking out all my energy.

So instead, I will leave you with a Christmas tale of woe, misery and also some hope.

There was once (and still is) a young man of 20. He lived in the magical land or Sri Lanka, and was, at the moment, just sitting around at home most days since he was unemployed. Education took only weekends and he had plenty of time to just relax and do whatever he pleased.

But one day, suddenly, his mother said to him “Christmas is coming, you better get ready to clean the house!”

“It’s still quite a long way away; it won’t get here so fast that I won’t notice it creeping up on me.”

It did.

And so, two days before Christmas day our hero sat, trying to type write a letter to send to all his friends, because he was nice like that and liked to…write letters to his friends. But alas! His mother again said to him “Venture outside the house, and what do you see? There is a wild bush growing just outside the gates! Take this blade, and slaughter it for me, for I do not wish our home to be ridiculed by the neighbors!”

“Mmmffrrprglll”, he replied, engrossed in his letter.

“You are but a good for nothing spick of a lad, do you know? Your brother would have done what I bade him”

“Then why not ask my sibling to carry out the cleaning?”

“He has work.”

“He is but playing ‘Dragon Age’ over by yonder abacus, mother!”

“Quiet, youngling! You will go clean out the weeds by the gate, or else!”

“But why must Christmas be full of this cleaning business and you yelling at me to do things?”

“Because that’s what we do for Christmas”

“Yell at me?”

“Nay, fool boy. We clean our house so that visitors think it’s clean all year round.”

“But is Christmas not a celebration of the birth of Jesus? Would he not rather you cleaned someone else’s abode?”

“Don’t try to get smart with me boy; you do what you are told”

“But Jesus was born in a filthy farmstead!”

“But you aren’t Jesus are you? You are welcome to go live in the shed outside, but as long as you live in my house and you don’t find gainful employment to keep you away from home this season, you clean it”

“What would Jesus do?”

“Clean it.”

And so the young man ventured out the door of his home, stood around for a few minutes till his mother scurried off somewhere else, then strolled back in the same door, and sat.

He then continued to sneak into the kitchen, steal some cake and run out the back door, not stopping till he reached the house of a nearby friend, who happened to be of a different religion and did not have to go through the cleaning ritual.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


It’s the 31st!

And I’m at work.

The first should always fall on a weekend. Now it’s going to flash by just like this Christmas did. This year’s Christmas was a total bore. The only difference was that there was a lot more to eat. But other than that, it felt just like any other day. I’m pretty sure there was supposed to be something about a dude being born in a crib somewhere, and I think MTV is involved. And three dudes who were rich. Or kings. They gave the newborn some valuables so they could evade the IRS. Or something. I’m pretty sure none of that happened last week.

Anyway, Happy New Year all!


Also, read this by Jack Point. Makes you think about all those reports you hear in the news, like “Minor explosion in Jerusalem, one flower pot knocked over and two dogs scared. 300 palestinians die in retaliatory missile attacks.”


Merry Christmas + Wallpaper!

Whoa! It’s Christmas! And this is my *fifth* Christmas post! What with all this stuff supposedly going on in my life you’d think I have better things to do than post on a blog all week. What is this “work” thing I’ve gotten myself into, you ask? I seem to be spending all my time with it you say? It’s starting to sound like some weird cult? 😮 What? What have my parents go to say about my dedicating so much to this “work” thing?

Well anyway, since I won’t be posting again this season, Merry Christmas to everyone! Here’s a chrismassy wallpaper(1440×900), in case you get a toilet brush or something in your stocking.

Full size –


Signs of the times

Yet another sign of the merry-ness of this season is the steady shift of torrent traffic from predominantly porn to Christmas songs. Speaking of, there are some pretty good albums and custom compilations going around these days. I myself downl-… bought a four CD set of merry tunes for this year. Hopefully the more mellow tones of choirs and the soothing voices of various female performers as they whisper ‘White Christmas’ will save my fingers from any more damage, brought on by my previous playlist of three albums of Disturbed. I just couldn’t stop myself from drumming my fingers onto whatever happened to be close. That and there has been many a fierce battle between me and my keyboard in the course of playing ‘Racedriver : GRID’.

That brings me to my next point(!), which is – Play Racedriver GRID. It looks bloody brilliant, and is guaranteed to be more fun than… something very funny. But stay away if you prefer the more arcade-ish environments of Need for Speed. This one has a much grittier feeling to it. The developers, Codemasters, are the same guys who made the Colin McRae series. And I assume their marketing engine is crap. If they had to advertise McDonalds, they’d have a motto like “Sliced Cow with Vegetables”, and as I read somewhere, KFC would be “Warm Dead Bird”. They should’ve just stuck a little label on all the NFS:Undercover boxes saying “Don’t like this game? Thought so. But THIS instead – [pic]”.

This post was in draft for two days, and as I finish this up, I’m sick again. Not just a common cold either. I’m pretty sure it’s the Bubonic Plague. Let’s see…. “Ring round the rosies(?), pocket full of posies, we all fall down….”

Or it could just be a fever.



I was tagged by Blacklight Existence and so here’s the post. Right after this render of an idea I stole from a Calvin & Hobbes strip. Original is here.

This year has been weird. Life has been, as they say, a rollercoaster. That’s if you’ve been on one in which you keep heading down, and down, all the while screaming at the top of your lungs that you don’t wanna grow up. List follows – 
– Read less books – I only read a handful of them this year. Switched to reading stuff off the internet.
– Got a job – Coolness.
– Left school – Meh-ness.
– Learned stuff – From ActionScript to local roads, life is an open instruction manual.
– Met people – A few, but they were… okay.
– Changed – I thought I’d never change.
That is all I did the whole of this past year. All the little things seem pretty insignificant. All in all, 2008’s been a rough ride. But it’s smoothing out now.
Before I forget, listen to “Christmastime” by Aimee Mann. It’s an old song but a nice one.