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I’m Happy About Yesterday

I don’t write about cricket. I rarely ever have an interest in it. The only “sledging” I know is the kind you take part in when it snows. Sports just never interested me much unless I was right in the middle of the action. You can imagine how my sporting career at school went. Knowing what matches we were to play that season was a major accomplishment for me.

I was happy to just be an observer to the major games, and usually only those which Sri Lanka or India played. Then this world cup had to come along and mess it all up. I’ve never made it a point to “watch a match”. It was just something that was on TV while I was doing something else. Just something on in the background which was fun to watch in the last innings. This time over, I found myself checking the scores on my phone while standing in a bus. When it wasn’t even our team playing.

Speaking of “our” team, I’ve always been torn between Sri Lanka and India. It might have something to do with being called out as an “Indian” most of my life. A side-effect of being born and raised here, but having Indian roots. South Indian roots. The “bad kind of Indian”, if you will, since we look just like you, worship a lot of the things you do and live in places like you, and so must be despised and called “dirty Indians”. The apparent genealogical perfection and adoration from Sri Lankans that the Northern tribes enjoy eludes us, the runts of the sub-continent who get by on call centers and software firms instead of Bollywood and software firms.

I watched the match with five other friends. All ardent Sri Lankans with flags on cheeks and SL jerseys. All the way there I passed roads lined with flags, shops closed with fliers hanging on the shutters. The streets were practically empty.

Even after the game was well under way, I still didn’t know who I was going to support. But none of that really mattered as I watched one of the greatest games I’ve seen in my short, sport-sheltered life unfold on the giant tv screen. I sat there and watched the match, all astute “India or Sri Lanka whoever maann”, but inside I was giddy as a schoolgirl with a copy of Twilight when Mahela started rising to the challenge, dragging his team past the wreckage of the past overs to deliver a thumping total. It was nothing short of awe-inspiring watching professionals play a beautiful game. Even the moans of the utter pessimists I had to watch the game with couldn’t ruin the feeling of “Show the world how it’s done boys!”.

The second innings was quite a bit more confusing. I found myself the only one in the room feeling like his heart was torn out of his chest when Sachin was dismissed for mere thirties. He wasn’t going to get his 100th century in the final. It just didn’t make sense. How could it happen? The man I consider the greatest cricketer alive(not much, I know), on and off the field, sent off with nary a whiff of glory. After that it was a slow but steady journey up the scoring ladder, grabbing singles and doubles left right and center, Kohli, Ghambir and Dhoni taking their time, playing wonderfully to complete the highest run chase in a world cup final. It could have gone either way till the last few overs. Then the 47th, I think, came along and Nuwan turned out to be an expensive choice, with Yuvraj and Dhoni sealing the win.

It felt strange. Dhoni’s six was sailing through to the stands. India won. But Sri Lanka lost. Tendulkar didn’t get his century. Murali didn’t get his last wicket either. The two best teams in the tournament turned out to be my favourites, and one would expect a final like that to be at the very least, mind blowing. I was left with a slight feeling of sadness. Even if it was one brilliant game. Of course, that’s to my untrained eye.

It was a pleasure watching Mahela’s incisions with the bat and Gambhir’s determined strokes. But when it was all over I felt for them. I actually got what people were on about when they said they were “our boys”. Our boys had lost. After a gut-clenching battle, even if the victor was my other favourite team, I felt a tinge of sadness. For a few moments, at least.

Then I realized, India had won! After Kapil Dev, Anil Kumble et al back when I wasn’t even born, India finally won the world cup. And I actually felt something more than “slightly grinny” about it! I had discovered the joys of being a spectator. My friends forlornly picked up the  junk generated by eight hours of lounging in front of a television, and I could actually make sense of what they felt.

The next morning I found myself poring through articles. I’ve never done that before. I was happy.



But I still don’t particularly like Yuvraj.


Blogs I Read(And other things)

Here’s another not funny post, Mr Fallen. You might have noticed that if I could keep pumping out posts like that I’d be doing stand up instead of messing with a workstation* for eight hours a day.

Reading through someone’s blog, you see how they change, they sort of.. hone their personality. I’ve no idea whether people actually change in real life, but their writing becomes more refined, sort of. Most of the time I don’t even know why I started reading a blog regularly. Sometimes the content is interesting, and other times even the comments draw me in. And in some blogs, the person writing it just seems like a decent sort. Whatever reason it is, you tag along for the rest of their posts and almost become friends. Well, online friends then. And these usually end up better than most online relationships, many of which start off with asl and end with stfu.

And now, to finish this thing off, I need just a few more commas and fullstops. These are my most frequented feeds. If you’re not in it, chances are I just drop by randomly. Nah, I’m just being nice. You suck.

– Alphabetical order-title. Google reader, blogs and blog-like things. Please excuse me for the pointless text. Just needed some cannon fodder for the links. Also note that the text has nothing to do with the links. I meant to put in something about how frequently people blog, or something, too. Just imagine I did. It would help if you imagined I said something funny after that too.

*It’s not really a workstation, just a crappy mid-range dual core, struggling to keep up. But workstation sounds so much cooler.



So I’ve got myself a flat round pie to keep me company as I work. I slowly take out a slice, and take the first bite. Feels. Good. With the slice poised in my left hand, I take a break from photoshop and start clicking through my regular sites. The usual goings on. Then on to the blogs. The usual, but Recent Events seem to have nailed in a tone of desperation to the anti-war and general anti-government posts. I look to see my first slice is already over. Get another. Read through the posts and see first the attack on a TV station. Petrol bombed. It seems not all that comes out of fuel price reductions is good. Oh look, second slice down the hole. Everyone’s starting to take notice of what’s going on. Indifference used to prevail round these parts. The war had been going on for decades and people just got used to it. Now that an outspoken journalist has been killed, an uproar starts. Only to slowly dwindle away again, I fear. I move onto my last few slices. Notice how you slow down and try to make those last few bites last longer? You just relish the taste in your mouth for a few seconds. A click here and a click there bring me to yet another post about how our country is going to hell in a handbasket. Press Freedom is merely a single casualty in a rolling sea of errors we are told. But people just go on. I’m on my last piece now. Better enjoy it.


Short, but crap writing, mediocre writing, or good writing?

*Now Playing : Crysis warhead


Note the header

See? Through my whole life, I have never done what I just did. I added a blog header image thigymabob.

Look at it. Now I know there are at least three of you people reading this out there, so tell me, how is it? Now now, don’t pretend you didn’t just read tha- TAKE THAT POINTER OFF THE LITTLE x! – It’s okay, I won’t bite. This will probably be the same style I employ for the next title.

And possible names for the new name have been drafted. In no particular order,

  • mad leet
  • teh chronicles of smarmia
  • godmode
  • jerry’s blog
  • Grand Theft Otto
  • Jerry?
  • me 2.0
  • – The blog formerly known as “A Sort of Bea…”

Though I’m inclined towards mad leet and just jerry’s blog. :/
Can’t call it ‘The Jester’ for fear of stealing the Court Jester’s thunder, or rather just temporarily borrowing it, as people will notice soon enough and go back to reading his blog and occasionally posting discouraging comments on mine about copying people. Same goes for


So, in retrospect

Last year was awesome. It was the last year of school, my first job, and a few months of doing absolutely nothing all rolled into one orbital cycle. It had it’s fair share of crap, but that’s unavoidable. Although I’m a bit… disappointed, by the farewell 2008 was given. Not even a firecracker.

This year actually felt different. It was freezing in the morning, so cold my ni-.. oh, BE’s already done that one. So cold a liquid nitrogen bath would have been warm? Nah… Very cold anyway. Since I had to come to work today, I promptly dressed and had breakfast while playing the last bit of Mass Effect. So my first act of the year was to finish that brilliant game. I know, my geekitude can’t be shrugged off too easily. I try. But seriously, the feeling that you’ve saved the galaxy, and the feeling of “Ha! Take THAT, reapers!!” at the beginning of the year is priceless.

Also, do NOT try to watch “The Bank Job” when your parents are around. Uncomfortable is not the word.



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Pure greatness.


Adobe Illustrator!

For the better or for worse…