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The Best Meal I’ve Had In Years!

Cast away all those recipes! Throw out the 15-course tea! I have rediscovered heaven.

But yeah, most of you will probably balk at it.

Was out of liquid milk yesterday so I had to make my own chocolate sauce with milk powder. See, I used to make this thick contraption with milk, sugar and cocoa powder. It was choc sauce in the way that Papareboy is human. You think it might be, but it’s just not quite the same. So I made it. Then I had one of those tiny packets of chocos so I put that into the sauce too.

Then I looked for what I would eat it with. Turned out there was roti and…yeah that’s it. So like countless other times, I was eating roti with choco sauce again.

It was brilliant. I had forgotten just how sickly sweet the thing was, and was left licking the bowl for the last few milliliters of the stuff.

So yeah, that’s it. I know, shit post, but meh…