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Blogs I Read(And other things)

Here’s another not funny post, Mr Fallen. You might have noticed that if I could keep pumping out posts like that I’d be doing stand up instead of messing with a workstation* for eight hours a day.

Reading through someone’s blog, you see how they change, they sort of.. hone their personality. I’ve no idea whether people actually change in real life, but their writing becomes more refined, sort of. Most of the time I don’t even know why I started reading a blog regularly. Sometimes the content is interesting, and other times even the comments draw me in. And in some blogs, the person writing it just seems like a decent sort. Whatever reason it is, you tag along for the rest of their posts and almost become friends. Well, online friends then. And these usually end up better than most online relationships, many of which start off with asl and end with stfu.

And now, to finish this thing off, I need just a few more commas and fullstops. These are my most frequented feeds. If you’re not in it, chances are I just drop by randomly. Nah, I’m just being nice. You suck.

– Alphabetical order-title. Google reader, blogs and blog-like things. Please excuse me for the pointless text. Just needed some cannon fodder for the links. Also note that the text has nothing to do with the links. I meant to put in something about how frequently people blog, or something, too. Just imagine I did. It would help if you imagined I said something funny after that too.

*It’s not really a workstation, just a crappy mid-range dual core, struggling to keep up. But workstation sounds so much cooler.


Bored? Tired? Feeling Low?

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Pure greatness.



“A farticle with a mass ‘m’ is connected to a…”
“A WHAT? Sir?”
“Farticle oi! Farticle!”

Yes. Particles. So be the plight of the english medium students in Mahindaland( Actually, they DID name a village somewhere “Mahindapuram”). Where the economics teacher introduces himself with

“Hello boys, I am the Lal!”

Lal being his actual name. Anyway, instead of making my first November post yet another rant about school, I provide here some links that people might find useful for everyday use, and some links to various tutorials on software like Photoshop.

Humour/Satire – Updates are few, but content is extremely bone-tickling – This is the written form of Dilbert – Great web comic

Tutorial sites – Any design program, You’ll find tutorials here

Communities – Very helpful and informative computer hardware forum – The Alternative Forum. Is the new TNL radio forum. Hosted by my brother.

Useful programs

Just search Google for these.

VLC media player – Will play any media format under the sun, With no codecs required. Just install and run.

K-Lite Codec Pack – If you want to install codecs system-wide, this is great.

WinRAR – Will read most of the compressed file formats.