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The Musician In Me

So I was watching some football world cup highlights on Youtube. I don’t see what the big deal is. FIFA 2001 for PC was more entertaining than this. At least that game let you run from one end of the pitch to the other without being surrounded by a dozen dudes looking like they’re Square-dancing class rejects.

That browser window died young.

What did catch my attention was the Vuvuzelas. The long trumpet-like instrument brandished by half the audience at the matches. It was a simple instrument. It was an annoying instrument. It was the perfect instrument for me. Nothing more than the ability to force air out of your lung is required.

Finally, I could steal some of the attention away from those tools that just pull a few strings on a guitar and have women swarm around them like cats to curiosity. And like cats to curiosity they die a terrible death after catching a bout of terminal cracked-the-guitar-in-two-and-killed-themselves-with-it from having to listen to the same three strings over and over again.

Till now, all I could do was play the air guitar. I was pretty good at it too. I even ordered a vintage model off eBay a few months ago. Alas, the appeal of this was lost on most people. It was as if there was some kind of force-field around me. People would ricochet off it the moment I started. I was crestfallen.

I don’t see why people have to throng around someone who can play a guitar. It seems illogical. I quote,

The second best way to get into someone’s pants is to play guitar.

What is the first, I hear you wail? Probably chloroform, I’d wager, but that is for another, password-protected blogpost. Baffling I tell you. John Mayer’s entire career rides on it. Douchbags have had their life turned around by it. Women get delirious over it. Bah, women get delirious over cooking.


Anybody know a friend of a friend who can hook me up with one of those? A vuvuzela, not a John Mayer.


Three Songs

Sachintha tagged me to write up a list of three songs that make my blood boil.

I have no idea.

But I will post a list of songs that… I dislike. Just to avoid the wrath of a Sach with a spurned tag, which is not unlike a woman spurned. Except for a few minor differences. Like how a woman spurned actually has an effect on the spurrer.



  1. Beautiful Girls – Sean Kingston – Man I can’t stand this dude. And this is by far one if his most annoying tracks. Most current rappers suck ass anyway, but this dude is the only one whose name I can recall at the moment. This song is a prime example of Dumbass Rapper Syndrome. It has all the hallmarks of a crappy song. Ergo, “Your way too beautiful girl | That’s why it’ll never work | You had me suicidal, suicidal | When you say it’s over” – Stupid logic and “It was back in ’99 (ninty-nine) | Watchin’ movies all the time | Oh when I went away |  For doin’ my first crime” – Reference to crime etc. etc.  Also, watching movies all the time? What, was he arrested for trying to sneak into an adult movie when he was 10 or something? No wonder this guy can never get a girl, if he writes lyrics like that. I mean, really, what kind of dude is so insecure as to worry about a girl being too beautiful? God man, grow some balls. The grammar on most lyrics sites is also pretty crappy.
  2. Soulja Boy Off In This Hoe
    Watch Me Lean And Watch Me Rock
    Super Man Dat Hoe
    Then Watch Me Crank Dat Robocop
    Super Fresh, Now Watch Me Jock
    Jocking On Them Haterz Man
    When I Do Dat Soulja Boy
    I Lean To The Left And Crank Dat Dance
    (Now You)
    I’m Jocking On Yo xxxxx Ass
    And If We Get The Fightin
    Then I’m Cocking On Your Bitch
    You Catch Me At Yo Local Party
    Yes I Crank It Everyday
    Haterz Get Mad Cuz
    “I Got Me Some Bathin Apes”

    WTF? Garden tools and super heroes? “Jocking on them haterz”? Is that like throwing used jock straps at people? As for haterz, he’d better pile up on stuff to throw at them. I’m sure a few billion people out there would want this guy to crawl into bed with malaria.
  3. And finally, a song after my own heart actually. Beyonce’s If I were a boy. Clear evidence that females are, indeed, the inferior beings we have to share this planet with. It’s quite clear she has quite a good grasp of how things are. All females should follow her example and concede that men can do whatever the hell they want, and are the “awesome of the species”. Never mind that the band in the background sounds like they could have made a better noise if they’d been repeatedly run over by a truck for the duration of the track, the lyrics are a shining example of male superiority. We salute Beyonce. Congratulations on setting back feminism by a few decades at least.

I’ll listen to whatever the hell I want

Music. People quickly judging you by the music you listen to. People listening to certain types of music to look ‘cool’. Stupid.

A lot of people treat musical genres like it was embedded in their DNA. In the ‘coolness’ strand. They listen to what they perceive as ‘cool’ music, usually some obscure band with obscure sounding instruments. That’s alright, you can listen to whatever you want. But why in the world would you look down on someone listening to other types? I’m sure you’re all gangsta and that only rap can soothe your senses. Smack yo bitch up eh? MP5 be praised!

But it’s just music. Nobody gives a damn. It’s pointless parroting around your music tastes to anybody who will listen. You aren’t cool because you listen to music that’s not mainstream either. Most music doesn’t go mainstream because it’s so crappy nobody wants to listen. Then it’s peddled to all the schmucks looking for ‘underground’ music. Old music is not necessarily better than new music. Ohhhh music changed your life eh? Well guess what? Hannah Montana does that to 12 year olds too I bet.

If you listen to the words, then keep it to yourself for cryin’ out loud. It’s worse than those uppity armchair movie critics looking down their bent noses at people who don’t see the ‘true meaning’ in movie scenes. A beat is a beat. Music is music. Different people like different types.

Coolness is relative. In order, you get

  1. Obscure Band
  2. Major Band
  3. Small-timers
  4. Guitarists
  5. People who listen to ‘cultured’ music
  6. Inanimate objects
  7. Miley Cyrus
  8. Toothpicks

99. Pianists

That is, according to popular ‘coolness’ ratings canvassed from urban youth from different genres.

I’ll listen to whatever the hell I want.


The Ex-Political Post

So I wrote up a ‘political’-ish post. It wasn’t very interesting. So off it went to the great heavenly “Drafts” bin. It had all that stuf about independence day and associated hazards like gigantic alien spaceships, stuff happening in the north and if we’ll eventually have a reenactment of Tiananmen Square in Fort. Hypnotize springs to mind. And those awe inspiring images of the student standing in the way of the tank. We’ll never have that. The students will be _driving_ the tanks here. With all the minorities and dissenters being crushed in their tracks. Dammit. This one’s turning politikal too.

Anyway, Music is weird. I go from

“I don’t need this s**t
You stupid sadistic abusive f***ing w***e
would you like to see how it feels mommy
Here it comes, get ready to die!”


“I’m walking on sunshine wooah
I’m walking on sunshine wooah
I’m walking on sunshine wooah”

In just a flick of a switch. Mood changing, from wishing to break everything in sight to beaming joy. Don’t judge me. If you don’t like ‘Walking on Sunshine’ you have no soul, and the devil will gnaw at the toes of your poor, lifeless existence till finally you trip on a protruding root, fall off the rooftop garden of a 100 story building and find yourself in hell. With your mother posing for pictures at the entrance like a sadistic playboy bunny.

Hmm… Hot girl walked in. I’m off…


How do you people keep coming up with names for posts?!

My earphones stopped working right yesterday. I was walking along the street and suddenly Chris Cornell is drifting to the right. Speaking of streets, colombo gets pretty deserted after 7pm. You can waltz along, singing out of tune and nobody will notice. I hope.
But what struck me as I came to work this morning is the sheer variety and splendour of just plain noise. The noise that surrounds me on my usual trip is usually kept away from my ears by some rubber in-ear buds. But today I was treated to the full effect of birds singing and the symphony that is a thousand vehicles each chiming in at random intervals to somehow, miraculously form a melody. Even the trees were vehement in the voicing of their interpretation of the wind.
But I missed most of it cos I was sleepy as hell.

Nobody cares about that stuff anyway, other than tree huggers and hippies.

Anyway, I’ve been hearing a lot lately about ‘being different’. Now, I’m cool with anyone doing what they want to do, but it just bugs me when people try to act all retarded for the sake of it. Or worse, just to get attention. ‘Oh I licked that tree cos you KNOW I’m craaazy’. Different is sometimes good, but you have to understand that different can also mean like black guy at a KKK meeting. Just don’t be an idiot.

***Now Playing:
Crysis Warhead is funner than the first one. The first one suxxored.


So I was looking for an album…

A Life of Saturdays, to be exact. And I wind up with nothing.

Something’s wrong with the interwebs I tell you. “Leaving Town” is still occasionally sprinkled across the radio waves, yet his album does not grace the pages of the almighty ISOhunt.

Granted, This isn’t exactly legal, but still. One of the sites listed the album as having been seeded “So long ago”.



Mamma Mia, and Music

I am writing a post about the movie “Mamma Mia”.

I watched it. yes.

Anyway, I liked it too. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m as much a jackass as any guy out there, and would never own up to liking this movie in person. But well, since I probably won’t see anyone who reads this for some time, or at least till you forget, s’okay.

Now, my experience with musicals is limited to just three movies. This, Hairspray and Phantom of the Opera. Nevertheless, I shall give you an in-depth and thorough review of this movie. 😛

The story’s pretty straightforward, just run of the mill stuff. And in the end we don’t even know who the father is either. Oh yeah, there might be spoilers in here. But it was a fun movie. Just that saying it out loud could get you beaten up in public. I dunno, is it a chick movie? It sure has all the ingredients…
Shallow story, Fairytale-ish occurrences sprinkled about and lots of “Girl Power”. Which reminds me, Why can’t we have “Man Power”? 😀 Another post or another day I guess.

And now onto the PS’s –
Ever noticed how the music you listen to sets your mood? I put on some Tool on my way home, and felt like staring down everyone in sight. Then I switch to Sarah Brightman, and I’m all “…” and “peace, brother”. :/

And does anyone know what the starting lyrics of “Hymn to Her” by the Pretenders mean?

“Ive been your lover
From the womb to the tomb
I dress as your daughter
When the moon becomes round
You be my mother
When everything’s gone”

Just sounds like some serious incest going on in there, like a redneck family reunion…