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Ladies and Gentlemen; The Truth!

 Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Truth. This post will be that post you read and then print and frame a copy of. If you’re a man that is. If you’re a woman you’ll… I don’t know, what are you doing on the internet anyway? Get back to the kitchen or we’ll revoke your Praveena allowance.

I just read THIS post on Mathawaada by the Foxhound. It prompted me to first take manly swig of air in my lungs and roar like a lion having its tail caught in an elevator door. Then it prompted me to come here and jot down a clarification on what’s what in the world of terrorism.

This great big blue whale of a lie about men being wrapped around the little finger of these women “flaunting their stuff” is such a pile of Nokias* it might as well be a post by a female. A woman can shed pheromones like a rabid hyena in heat but no self-respecting man is going to envy the crevasse of a bosom like lemmings to a cliff.

I like to think of myself as a normal male. When I’m not running over vegetarians and throwing cabbages at feminists, that is. As of now I live in the sticks, study in the sticks and also work in the sticks. If it weren’t for other people I’d never see the inside of a Barista in years. So if anything seeing an attractive, intelligent female should be an event of celestial proportions for me.

And you know what happens when I do come across a member of the opposite sex who is both attractive and manages to “flaunt” her stuff? I usually start off by insulting them and then if they hang around I usually don’t drop to my knees and wail at them to allow me to worship at the altar of their feminine ways. No man not living in a basement and whose only idea of women is the product of a Japanese cartoonist being impaled by a dozen tentacles is likely to drool like a biped bovine.

And no, unlike the original poster, I don’t mind the risk of being called misogynistic. God knows you’ve had plenty of opportunity in all the previous posts.

*Refer this post for the Nokia thing.


Astrology : Myth?

Disclaimer : I know this is a sensitive subject to many people, but this is just something I’ve observed. So if you think I’m wrong, just comment on it. DON’T send over a white van…
Also, by flaming me, you agree to give me exclusive rights to your house, car, assets AND your life. So, before you flame, think. Think deep. Consult your horoscope maybe.

So, here goes :
Why do people make decisions based on astrology? Is it a proven science? Have they ever been proved? I mean, how can an entire career be built around predicting the future based on how a floating rock or a clump of gas, thousands of light years away, moves?

Okay, I did some research, and apperently it’s been around for a while( well, duh! ). The greeks got all the signs in the sky, but can’t you or I find pretty much any pattern we want in the sky?
Also, this business of making financial decisions, births, and even shaving times based on “nakath”. WHY? So if anything goes wrong, is it “Damn you [insert name of random celestial object]!!!” ? People who do that pretty well deserve what they have coming!

And don’t tell me it’s just an ancient facet of Sri Lankan civilization only believed in by the rural peoples now. A guy I know in my school was made to have his first shave on a certain day at a certain time. Yeah. And how exactly does that help? Maybe the position of Venus at that moment makes his hairs stick out at an angle, thus making the first shave more pleasant. Okay, It would have been fine if you’re a virgin about to be de-flowered, but shaving? Come on People!