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The Birds and Bees of Sri Lanka

Did YOUR parents talk to you about the birds and the bees?

How do people over here learn about procreation? 99% of the time, there is no ‘talk’ between parent and child. I for one just sort of picked up the gist of it from the many books lying around the house. Notably the ‘Reader’s Digest Home Medical Guide’. Actually, looking back now, I wonder why the thing had such vivid descriptions… :s Maybe even a few adults needed a reminder on exactly how it works. Or if my parents placed the book there in the first place, so I’d read it and not have to ask THEM!?

I’ll freak out about my parent’s intentions later…

Anyway, point is, most of us never really get any real info off our parents. So how Do we find out about this stuff? I did some (sketchy) research, and found that most just get the info from a friend, or a group of friends who piece together something from the scraps of information they’ve found out. Freaky, when you think of all the misleading things that could pop up from a bunch of 6th graders piecing together facts. At that stage they’re likely to believe it if told that babies are made by Microsoft, when we all know that they come from Mars.

But the fact is, all of them get it right some time or the other, without any help from teachers or parents. Sure, there are some leftover beliefs floating around such as doing certain things making you go blind which refuse to bug off, but these are just peripheral to the Main Idea. And it’s not just the functioning. We know about safety first. We know. But how? Why do we know this stuff? Students in the US are having sex-ed classes drilled into them from kindergarten, yet some of them are dumb as bricks when it comes to it. But yet here we are, a country in which the subject is shunned and kicked aside by a culture driven by prudish monks, where the closest education we get is “Life Education”, and we still know. Weird shit…


Surveillance cam’s in School

Big Brother is Watching.

First the metal detectors, now this. Yup, They’re going to fix cameras all over the place. Sometime soon, I think, Because they’ve already fixed the wires and stuff. I might even be captured by one next Monday…

WHY??? Are we that dangerous? When was the last time there was a report of even a pocket knife in a school? I doubt many of the students have even seen a gun, let alone posses one. If this was America or someplace, then fine, but here?

Okay, say it isn’t about security. What if it’s for enforcing discipline? Do we need to go that far to get students to stay in class during school hours? Would not that money be better spent on something like, say, renovating classes? Even if the students WERE so unruly as to require constant vigilance on the part of the administration, surveillance like this would completely ruin the fun that is school. Pretty soon our parents will stop saying “Enjoy your school years, they’re the best you’ll get”. I don’t think even prisons here have surveillance yet…

Where’s the fun in letting out the air from a particularly despised teachers car tire when you’ll be shown photographic evidence of your crime the next day? Or of stealthily avoiding the rector only to be caught on tape?

Good thing I’m only here till next August. I just hope the younger students are able to make the best of it…


My Teacher! No, It’s not an "I love my teacher" post.

The mathematics teacher, to be precise. Why do I mention this Homo Sapien ? Well, Because he has had a huge effect on our lives, Mostly bad.

First off, He could very well be the first Teacher/Politician combo. No, really. We imagine he was one of those dudes who ran around in a bandanna waving a rifle and shouting slogans back in the 80’s. It’s quite evident that the fire in him, so to speak, has not yet burned out completely, as even in class, he says things like “Is making a sum even close to as hard as lifting a sack of grain”? In Singhalese, of course. He has to keep with tradition, even though it’s the “English medium” class. Perfect logic, If you don’t understand, congratulations.

Second, he sounds like he’s trying to speak through his nose. Okay, that isn’t so bad, but it adds to the effect. Says “Gnak” a lot. But the best part is, He’s totally anti-capitalist. He sees a guy chewing gum, and says “You fellows will eat any dirt those foreign buggers make”. Or even better, “Who ever benefited from learning to work with computers?”. Yes. He said that. Maybe he thinks Mao was the richest man in the world. Can you blame him? He probably lives with poultry in his bedroom, And goes hunting for wild boar around Maharagama. “It’s just a machine which shows pictures when you press buttons”. I can hear you all screaming HOW IN THE WORLD DID THIS GUY BECOME A MATHEMATICS TEACHER IF HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT COMPUTERS DO?

Point is, he’s a weird character. And I now realize I have nothing left to write. And that I probably just wrote this because the blog was looking awfully starved of recent posts. Yeah. Hey, Don’t read this post.


Red Team vs. Blue Team

That’s pretty much what a student thinks when he’s in school. The administration is the “other” side. It’s like playing Unreal Tournament in a more “scholarly” way. Though school would be a lot more exciting if I had a Redeemer in my bag…

Anyway, this is just a general post on the situation in school at the moment, now that the commander in chief, better known as the Rector, or Fuzzy, is gone. He’s in Poland. Or South Africa. Can’t remember which. With him around school, It was nearly impossible to get out of class in the first four periods, because he had this weird power of appearing all over the place. I experienced this first back in grade 12. I came down the stairs, and just managed to catch a glimpse of him walking my way, so I raced back up the stairs, Stealthily manouvered through a Hall full of chairs and things, went through a couple of doors in a fashion Sam Fisher would be proud of, and came down yet another flight of stairs.

To bounce right into the Fuzz.

A few periods of kneeling later, and a few months of honing our skills, we can now successfully get a total of 20 feet from our classroom. But now, our watcher is gone! Student’s roam about freely through all periods, not just the last four!

But anyway, it kind of seems strange now that we hava all this… freedom. Theres no challenge in it anymore. And you really need that Adrenalin pumping to really perform…

In other News, I am now officially a person who “studies”.

And, since I am a selfish and materialistic person, I will be adding Google Ads to my Blog. Click on them. Or Else!


Why is stuff banned in school?

Why are CD’s DVD’s and the like banned in schools? I mean, people who really want to bring something can get anything in, despite all the bag-checking as you enter and the random class checks.

What’s the big issue? I mean, in school, it’s just a piece of plastic for crying out loud! What harm could it do? Are there any teachers or principals reading this? If so, PLEASE, provide an answer. Is it just your duty to make our few years of fun as miserable as possible? Is there some separate bag search class in teacher training school or wherever? I can just imagine, “Get those pockets! Make sure you check the lunch!”… Is it and issue of national security? If so, pardon me because I didn’t know a cheese sandwich could cause genocide, or maybe it was the plague carried in the cologne spray.

Another thing : correction fluid, or commonly know as TippEx. What the hell? Why is this harmless article of great correctional value not allowed? Maybe they’re an endangered species… Or maybe it’s just a conspiracy by the Teachers Guild to take over the world and correctional fluid is their only weakness! Hah! See if I’m ever entering school without my trusty tipex in my sock again!

By the way, being the totally cool person I am, ;-), I can get practically anything into school, and being in the 13th grade really helps!