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People’s Representatives?

I’ve never posted much about politics up here. Though I’m sure the current atmosphere blends in perfectly with the content on here.

I saw this clip on youtube.

It has a recently elected parliamentarian batting away questions with “ahala kiyannang“, or “I’ll get back to you on that” with a giggle and a head-laugh.

Watch and be mortified. Makes you wonder what people are thinking when they go to the polls.



So I’ve been tagged. And since I can’t really think of a proper “I’ve never” list, I shall compare my life to popular TV shows. I’m sure that’s what life’s supposed to be like.

So, much to my chagrin, I’ve never –

– Had a ridiculously hot nurse fuss over me. I was… exhilarated, to say the least, when I got appendicitis. Suffice to say, I was not a happy patient.

– Seen anyone’s evil/good twin show up after the death of said person. Beware, this assumption can get you into trouble.

– Turned into a [name of small mammal or insect]-man after being bitten by anything, radioactive or not. Being under my bed for that long would turn anything into a mutant super power-giving mini-super being. I have a hunch the hulk isn’t real.

– Choked on anything. Seriously. I mean, who chokes to death? Even my dog can cough it out.

– Had a laugh track in my life. This is really confusing. I expected raucous laughter whenever I made a funny, and yet, surprise surprise, nothing happened.

– Found that my friends always hang out at a particular place all the time. I tried walking into the coffee shop near where I work, and was greeted only by the strange old man at the corner table. If they were there yesterday, surely they should be there today too. Maybe they’ve gone to…work, or study.


– Never had this much fun

– Or felt this isolated at times.

Re: working, that is.


– Never had a post that didn’t have a single typo on first pasting. Till this one, that is. 😀


Movies Post 2.0

Well, everyone from Microsoft to Apple to random movie makers use the 2.0 thing, so why not me? I think I deserve a 2.0 . Yes?

Anyway, been watching lots of movies and stuff these past few days. If you’re looking for a quick opinion on what movies to get, and which ones to avoid like the plague, look no further! This is the be-all end-all of movie lists for… the last week!

Taken – Awesomeness. Not by any particularly brilliant story or acting, but just the character Liam Neeson plays in it(Refer previous post). He’s an ex-CIA guy whose daughter gets kidnapped and is in the thick of a human trafficking network.

BABYLON A.D. – Sorta interesting, not too memorable though. And I have no idea what it is they’re implying. :/

Untraceable – Tech-Comedy. Takes a brave new approach to comedy movies by taking the “Scary Movie” like concept of emulating an actual thriller storyline, but minus all the exaggeration and laughing. Except in the fake tech department. Oh, yeah, it was in the “Tech Thriller” category for some reason… weird.

The Whole Nine Yards – Finally found this movie. Highly recommended! Matthew Perry is now my favourite “Friends” character.

Transformers:Animated – Not too great. It’s just a single episode of the cartoon stretched to movie length.

A Beautiful Mind – Second time I’m watching, but even so it was brilliant. A must watch. Story of John Nash. Schizophrenia is cool. Also, Russel Crowe’s “southern” accent is freakin amazing!

Tropic Thunder – A fun fest of a movie. Lots of big names. But they certainly deliver. Cast includes Jack Black, Ben Stiller and Robert Downey Jr. No, he’s not in THAT suit this time. Set in the present, it’s about a bunch of actors shooting a Vietnam war movie out in Vietnam, and getting caught up in the middle of an actual battle. Pretty funny impression of Russel Crowe by Downey.

Heroes(se03) – Watched only the first two episodes for now, but it looks pretty good. Lots of new villains and different storylines mixing up. It’s turning into a comic book now, as opposed to the “Heroes:The Soap” type thing earlier.

How I met your mother(se03) – Watched through the entire season and it is awesome! Funny as hell but we still don’t see an ending. Must get se04. Marshall lets rip another slap on Barney.