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You know what’s always bothered me? Rock-paper-scissors. Specifically, paper. Fine, rock beats scissor, scissor beats paper. But no way in hell can paper beat rock.

I mean, come on. A rock would just tear through that shit. Paper’s suposed to magically “cover” rock and rock dies. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson should call himself “The Paper”. I’m surprised there aren’t millions of school kids suffocating to death from A4 sheets sticking to their faces.
I’m just gonna keep picking rock from now on. See if any paper can “cover” me again…
Slow day today. Bored.
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Is the new year usually not ushered in with much merry making or at least some special ceremony with friends and family?

Some people go out to parties. Though it being a weekday might stifle the crowd a bit. Some others stay at home with family. Some prefer to spend a quiet evening with their friends.

I celebrate by ordering pizza at work. Yeah, I know. I rock. 😦

Half of it even got cold because some woman came in looking for a bit of paper which had to be printed. By me.

I’d be very depressed if she hadn’t been attractive.

Whoops. There I go again with the “All men are perverts” thing.


Oh Merriness, why must you evade me so this season?


What I do

So I sit here, coughing my brains out*, with this cold bug that seems to have snuck up on everyone.
Last Saturday was my First Event. Well, the first one for which I did a lot of work. It was a Christmas party for a bank. It was fun. See, I work for an event management company(mostly). When clients(fancy talk for customers) come to us for help in setting up events, we provide them with a set of different themes to choose from and every little extra that can be fitted in with the budget that they propose. So in essence, all they have to do is ask, and we provide everything from stage design to ambient decor. And we provide a preview of what it’ll all look like, which is what I do(mostly).
So come event day, we go over there and see that everything gets set up right, that the sound and lights are working, the snow machines at the ready and that the dragons are ready and fed(There are many things that the layman doesn’t know about the field of event management).
Then when everything’s done, the clients will pat themselves on the back commending each other for a job well done.
Oh well, atleast we get the food. Strawberries + Chocolate = mmmmm…..
Christmas is coming up! That means it’s time for you to go to church for the second time this year! Unless you’re not catholic or christian or any of the other billion or so religions spawned around Jesus. Or Islamic. No gifts for you then. Go cry in a corner.
Also note that this layout is under constant change now. Presently I have changed the header font to “Arial African American”. More change will follow.
*Zombies, take note that I have a shotgun