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Buying a Laptop

I need a laptop. Unfortunately, like most things I need, a laptop will not drop into my hands from the heavens if I merely blog about it. I’d probably drop it anyway. The reason I need one is because me and my brother both work off computers. But there is only one computer at home. All our combined geek-dom couldn’t figure out a way to shre this PC short of some handiwork with a hacksaw.

So listen up, laptop retailers! …You are reading, yes? I mean, my blog has all kinds of deviants, social parasites and women visiting it. Prime markets fresh for exploiting with a few well placed deals.

Weighing my options and taking into consideration my meager budget, I’ve narrowed down my choices to a Lenovo and an Acer. The G560 and the 4741G, respectively. Hopefully neither of those will toast my lap or flicker and die on me in a year.

So yeah, this should be fun, I can finally be all Gangsta and hold my laptop sideways when making angry wall posts and things. Just like in the movies.